Membership 2014

We would like to remind you that all paid-up members are entitled to ask for the password for closed webcasts. However it is to be used for audio connection and replay only. The video connection is strictly reserved for when the community attends the webcasts as a group.

In 2014 new ordinary and ‘reduced’ members will be able to deduct the cost of their membership at the time of registering for their first Retreat of the year.

Sustaining members for 2014 will have their first Retreat of the year free.

Four kinds of membership

Meritorious Membership, 1500 euros, gives 100% discount on all Retreats and courses*, a free copy of new publications by Shang Shung Editions for the current year, a free subscription to The Mirror and the Video Journal, free use of the retreats cabins and a special gift.

The video webcast is also offered for free to all the meritorious members, with the suggestion of sharing this service with other practitioners.

Sustaining membership, 500 euros, gives 80% discount on all Retreats and courses* in Europe, a free subscription to the monthly Merigar Letter online, to the four-monthly Merigar Letter magazine and to The Mirror and a 50% discount on the Video Journal. It also gives free use of the retreat cabins at Merigar for personal retreats.

Ordinary membership, 129 euros, gives 20% discount on Retreats and courses*, a subscription to the monthly Merigar Letter online and to the four-monthly Merigar Letter magazine.

Reduced membership, 50 euros, is for members of the Community who have economic difficulties. This type of membership gives 50% discount on Retreats and courses*.

(*) With the exception of courses organised by the Shang Shung Institute, Santi Maha Sangha Exams and Trainings, Yantra Yoga and Dance of the Vajra Teacher Trainings.


This is the account of Dzogchen Community Copenhagen:

3170 – 3170760719 - Danske Bank

Please transfer the money for membership on this account.

The Yellow Gakyil will send the money to Merigar and send you your membership number when he receive it.

30 % of the amount we will keep in the Copenhagen Community for expenses and upcoming courses.

Please write to the Yellow Gakyil (Michael) with detailed contact info.